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A true collaborative culture

Some companies rely on rock stars. We rely on the brilliance of our teams. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Similarly, we believe it takes a village of creative, strategic and technical minds to build meaningful experiences.

And that involves experts collaborating together. To make this possible, our firm is one large open floor with no offices - simply a creative workshop. Everyone has a wooden table, a quality chair and a great computer. It's egalitarian, with equal opportunity to succeed. There are no departmental barriers, just the strength and unity of a passionate team.

This is the essence of the collaborative culture that has enabled CX Lavender to create more meaningful 'ways' for consumers to experience our clients' services throughout the history of the business. Brilliant customer experiences never come from just one person or one field; they're the result of a progression of inputs leveraging left and right brain thinking.

A collaborative culture requires you to leave your ego at the door. If you have a great idea, you need to be prepared to let it go and let other experts help shape it - for its own good. It doesn't mean you let go of what you believe in, you just need to remain open to the opinions of others. We say "strong opinions, lightly held".

A collaborative culture calls on us, individually and collectively, to be Smart Brave Kind.

Smart in problem analysis; Brave in decision making; Kind in our treatment of each other.

Everyone is creative

It's true that everyone is creative. At CX Lavender, we believe that ideas become richer and more meaningful with the input of others and that is the essence of our collaborative culture.

By recognising that everyone has ideas and creating an environment where people build on each other's ideas, collaboration becomes meaningful. No one person can be the solution. When a diversity of people come together, they create atypical, multi-dimensional and rounded solutions to the problems we need to solve. An idea that's had input from technical minds, strategic minds and creative minds will inevitably be stronger and more robust due to richness of thinking involved.


We have guilds instead of departments. The guilds represent areas of skills, it doesn't dictate that you work within departmental barriers. Teams are formed for projects and work together to see them through to completion. Our people will also work in integrated teams on our clients' premises. We have a fluid, flexible and agile attitude that grows quality and efficiency.


From our leadership team, right through the firm, we encourage clear communication. Our projects carry great responsibility with them and if someone doesn't deliver then the project can be put at risk. Great communication amongst the team can help ensure the problems that inevitably occur can be easily solved by the team. 'When you're carrying the bag, you're carrying the bag' is a saying from the security industry, it means you are responsible for delivering your part. Also, it is your obligation to communicate: progress, completion or if you're not going to deliver.


In the work environment, we often choose not to say what we really think. This can create a dilemma because to collaborate effectively you have to communicate fully and openly. To free ourselves we use candour. By definition, candour means forthright, straightforward, plain-speaking, outspoken and blunt. Candid people are informal and tell it like it is.

With candour, you can be completely candid or partly so. It enables you to say what you think yet still be polite and considerate. Our firm is a safe environment where people of any level can say what they think. It's not frowned on to challenge senior people, in fact it's encouraged. The egalitarian nature of our environment gives people permission to say what they feel and share their ideas.

We openly encourage candour and hopefully, people feel freer to speak openly with less restraint. They can trust that their words will be heard and they won't be berated for their opinions and ideas.

Creative environments possess healthy egos, passion, generosity, competition, laughter - but the essential element is candour. With candour trust develops between teams. Effective creative collaboration is not possible without trust.

For our teams of designers, writers, technologists, strategists, analysts and engineers to develop ideas together there has to be a spirit of candour. They must feel unreservedly free to share ideas, opinions and criticisms - and together create something great.

Of course, there are times to be less candid, where words need to be chosen carefully - no one wants to embarrass or offend.

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